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don’t believe the hype…


My table project is a bit of a bust.  It did not turn out as planned.

I pinned an idea on Pinterest for a turquoise blue table and I pinned DIY instructions for re-furbishing furniture by using only spray paint.  Then, I put these two seemingly-great ideas together.

I followed the instructions…  I sanded, primed, painted (and painted and painted and painted).  The original “spray paint pinner” promised it would not look spray painted or streaky if you just used enough paint.  I bought SIX cans and used all of them and it still looks streaky.  Should I have bought and used SEVEN??

I also “distressed” the table and added a glossy coat to the top to finish it off.  It still looks streaky.

(One a side note:  The distressing worked well, but I am not sure you can miss trying to “wreck” something). 

We need our kitchen table and I don’t have the energy to re-paint again this week, so we moved the table back inside the house.

I like this idea and I like the color (although, my family disagrees about the color).

When I do a similar project:

  • I will use a paint brush and a can of paint (no more spray paint)
  • I will use a satin paint and not glossy paint

When you pin (and re-pin and re-pin) ideas on Pinterest.  Don’t get your hopes up too high, do more research if it’s a project and please…

Don’t believe the hype.







too much DIY…


I might be spending a bit too much time looking at Pinterest.

It started with the quotes (you know, I love a good quote!) and now it’s quickly become something else.

I started off  looking only at the pins that my Pinterest “friends” pinned.

When my friends were not pinning fast enough for my taste… I started to look at the “everything” section.  Here I can see what everyone out there in Pinterest Land is pinning and I see the constant updates.  Unfortunately, when I look at Pinterest in this way I have to weed through a lot of very, very strange pins (okay, I mean really strange).  But, I am almost always rewarded with something great to “re-pin.”

What I am really, really enjoying is the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects on Pinterest.  I keep imagining myself tackling all of the DIY projects that I pin.

I have very big Pinterest Plans!  I am going to:

  • buy used furniture and re-do it
  • sand and stain my hard word floors all by myself
  • paint my brick fireplace
  • build an outdoor firepit
  • frame handkerchiefs and/or scrapbook paper for artwork
  • make all sorts of things out of old t-shirts
  • make built in bookshelves using only Ikea furniture
  • frame a giant bathroom mirror

Really, my DIY Board on Pinterest has endless possibilities for my time (which I never have enough of).  

I don’t have any extra time and I don’t need any encouragement from Pinterest for more DIY projects, but here I sit day after day pinning ideas.

Last night, I decided to paint my kitchen table… turquoise.  I moved the cars out of the garage and set up “shop.”   My family is a bit in shock that we will have a turquoise blue table, but I hope they will be pleasantly surprised when I’m finished.

Thank you, Pinterest for that idea.

I wonder what my next Pinterest obsession will be…