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on a scale of 1-10…


This weekend we attended the “Spring Adidas Cup Festival,” a soccer tournament in Greenville, SC.  My daughter’s soccer team had three great games and won all three with impressive style.  Very proud of all the girls!

Unfortunately, my daughter was injured after a collision with another girl during the second game.  She said she was not ready for the hit and fell… a little too hard and a little too awkwardly.  She couldn’t move her right arm.

The trainer at the tournament was on the field and at her side very quickly.   She was put on a golf cart and brought back to the training room and checked over.  My daughter’s arm was put in a sling and we were given directions to the local hospital.  We were 5 hours from home and didn’t know our way around… it was so nice to be given printed directions and the trainer’s phone number.  The trainer was great – she was well prepared.  Thank Goodness.  My husband took the directions and our hurt daughter and headed to St. Francis Hospital.

Then, all my friends from soccer sprung into action.  They packed up our chairs, our tent, my daughter’s soccer bag and her stinky shoes.  My friend took my two little girls back to the hotel with her and yet more friends brought me to the hospital to be with my broken little person.  I can’t thank everyone enough.  We were able to concentrate on the injury while my other little girls got to swim in the hotel pool and eat pizza with the rest of the soccer team!

My daughter has a broken collar bone.  It should heal in about 6 weeks and should not require surgery.

My husband went off to find a 24 hour drug store to get the pain prescription.   He finally found one and sat in the pharmacy and waited for the prescription to be filled.  While he was sitting there… someone tried to ROB the pharmacy.  A man came up with a hoodie and a hospital mask and told the pharmacist “Give me everything.”  At this point, my husband said his phone rang and he answered it and walked away.  If you know my husband, nothing phases him.  Apparently, not even an armed robber.  The robber ended up running out of the store with nothing and the police arrived quickly after that.  My husband had to stay and give a statement because he had seen the entire thing.  He was able to get the prescription after all the hoopla!

If you know of a white, blonde man with a hoodie and a hospital mask in the Greenville, SC area – he may have tried to rob a CVS on Saturday night.

In addition to all of this craziness we are all sick (well, everyone but my husband… not fair).  We all have a pretty bad version on the common cold.  Not fun.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the best and 10 being the worst, our weekend was an 8.

Coincidentally, that is exactly what the doctor said about the break in my daughter’s collar bone.


dick’s, here i come (again)…


My daughters play soccer.  Almost every day of the week, one of them has a practice or a game.  Sometimes, practices overlap and my husband and I “divide and conquer” to get them to the named field at the required time.  Our calendar is full, to say the least.

My older daughter has to be in a specific uniform for each practice (i.e. Monday is white socks, blue shorts, white shirt, etc…).  I do a lot of wash and I make sure she has the uniform she needs each day.

Obviously, she also has a specific uniform for each game.  She has to wear a certain sock color and shorts.  We bring both game jerseys.  Again, I make sure she has all parts to her uniform for each game.  Everything is sitting on the countertop on game day to be checked and re-checked before we leave the house.

Sunday, I set out every piece to her uniform and handed her the blue socks on her way out of the door.  I did my part.

We are 45 minutes from home and are pulling up to the soccer field when my daughter says to me, “Do you have my blue socks?”  I nicely reminded her that I handed them to her on our way out of the door.  I’m thinking, “Are you kidding me???”

The socks were not in the car.

Luckily, we have to arrive 1 hour before game time.  I dropped my husband and daughter off at the field, I Googled “Dick’s Sporting Goods” and drove 20 minutes to purchase navy blue soccer socks.  I ran in, bought the socks and drove 20 minutes back to the field.  With a few minutes to spare, I pulled over next to the soccer field and threw the navy blue socks over the fence to my husband.

Short of physically putting the socks on my daughter’s feet – I have done my motherly duty.

I may be too accommodating…

This is not the first time I have run to Dick’s on game day.