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milk, anyone?


(Note: I am venting a bit… over something very trivial and petty.  That said, I must vent)

When a person brings their lunch to work and puts it in the community fridge… does the lunch then become “community lunch?”

(I don’t think so either)

When a person brings a beverage to work and puts it in the community fridge… does the beverage then become something everyone can drink?

(I don’t think so either)

I love milk.  I covet milk.  I drink it every day and my day is not complete unless I have it.  To drink.  For my coffee, etc…

I bring it to work with me.  It is my beverage of choice and I put it in my coffee.

My office provides the coffee and the Coffee Mate Creamers.  I don’t like the Coffee Mate Creamers.  Unless I am desperate… I don’t use them.

I bring milk.

The other day my milk expired and I didn’t have any for my coffee.  I asked a co-worker if he would buy me some milk when he was visiting clients.

Then, someone else said “Yeah, when I was drinking it the other day I thought it smelled funny.”

Me: “You’re drinking my milk?”

(I thought he was kidding)

Him: “Yes.”

There was no explanation.  He didn’t say… “Oh, I thought it was for everyone” or “Sorry” or “I didn’t know it was yours.”

It was just “Yes.”

I know I am being petty.  I get it.  But, I just can’t imagine going into the fridge at work and seeing something I liked… and pouring myself a glass (or eating it, for that matter).

The other thing is… I would share with anyone, if they asked.   Just don’t help yourself.

Really, I think I am more bothered that he was not the least bit flustered or apologetic about it.  He was like… yeah, so what?

I am going to get over my pettiness (soon).

He’s new.  Maybe he thought the office buys milk for everyone to drink.

Ya think?


sixteen lunches…


Last week, I needed two days off of work because my husband had to go out of town for his job and my kids did not have school.

It’s only April and I’m already out of my vacation days.  I only get 5 vacation days per year.  I have 3 kids.  They all have activities and school holidays.  Occasionally, they get sick and stay home from school.  5 days is not a lot of vacation days.   Notice I never said “took a vacation” with my 5 vacation days.

Anyway, the vacation days are gone.

So, I needed Thursday and Friday off (remember, I took my kids to the museum and the zoo?).  I asked my boss for the days off of work and offered to either use sick days (I still have a couple of those left!) or take it unpaid.  I’m giving, what I think, are great options.  I do realize I am asking for the favor… I am just trying to make it easy with the options.  I also realize I could have just called in sick.  Although, I hate when people just don’t show up for work – unless they are truly sick.  Then, of course, I don’t mind (well, not really).

I like to plan in advance and give my employer as much notice as possible if I am going to miss work (aren’t I a great employee??). 

Apparently, my boss didn’t really like the options I presented to her.  I know her heart was in the right place.  She wanted me to get my full check and still come out of this with my remaining sick days intact (since it is only April!!). 

She told me I could make up the two days off of work… by skipping sixteen lunches. 

Since I planned ahead… I have already skipped 4 lunches.  Number 5 will be today.  Then, 11 more to go…


Photograph taken on April 11, 2011 at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.