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i feel better already…


So, I am feeling worried and a little anxious.  My daughter went to the doctor today to have her collar bone looked at, again.  It’s a good doctor that comes highly recommended.  He is being very thorough and is going to see her again next week.  He said they are being cautious because it’s such a bad break.

This is my daughter’s first day back at school since she broke her collar bone.  She has been at home with me and I have, hopefully, taken care of all her needs and wants all week.

I went back to work today and my husband brought our little broken person to the doctor for her appointment.  I hate getting any doctor’s information second-hand and I am sure my husband hates delivering it to me.  But, he humored my many questions and tried to answer them patiently.   I annoyed him with texts throughout the appointment with things to ask, not to forget, etc…

At one point I texted to him “I hate not being there.  Wahhh” (that is me crying via text) and he wrote back “I hate being here.  Wahhh.”  His text literally made me laugh out loud – I needed that!

I was still feeling a little down, so I decided to Google “what to do when worried.”   I thought it would give me a list of little “pick-me-ups” or ideas to overcome worry.   Not the case.

If you Google “what to do when worried” you get a list of things that you would actually need to worry about:

  • What to do if you’re worried about your fertility
  • What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused
  • What to do if you’re worried, S. Africa battles to keep blackouts at bay

And the top hit on Google was (not joking)

  • What to do?  Worried?  Scared?  Symptoms that you’re having a gallbladder attack

So, I guess I’m worried simply because it’s my daughter’s first day back at school and my first day back at work after a terrible injury to someone I love.  And, it’s okay to feel worried and a little down.

Now, I need to thank goodness that I don’t have to worry about my fertility, S. African blackouts, child abuse, and a gallbladder attack.  I am very grateful that none of those things are on my list of worries!

Thanks to Google for my list of little “pick-me-ups.”

Photo taken April 24, 2012“knock-out roses”