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the lost art of regrouping…


I think one of the most important things to learn in life is to regroup.

Life rarely proceeds exactly as we predict and expect.  From little things to big things…  we can either get mad and dwell on something or choose to regroup.

I know there are big things that are very hard to overcome…. I am referring to the smaller, day-to-day troubles that we might face… not necessarily the big giant ones.  Although, I imagine that regrouping would be helpful for both.

I want my kids to know that when life hands you a different outcome than the one you expected… choose to regroup!  Take a deep breath and proceed forward.

I have seen more and more adults lately that just can’t seem to regroup.  Something seemingly minor happens to them and they just can’t shake it!

Do you think this is something that you need to learn as a child?  Or, do you think you can learn to regroup later in life as an adult?

The dictionary definition of “regroup” is

  1. To come back together in a tactical formation, as after a dispersal in a retreat.
  2. To reorganize for renewed effort, as after a temporary setback

Life will give us all setbacks.  It’s how we handle those setbacks that will keep us happy or make us miserable.

We all can show our kids how to regroup from an early age:

  • If you don’t get the popcicle color you wanted?  Regroup.
  • If you miss the shot on goal?  Regroup, figure out what you did wrong and try again.
  • If it is time to go home and you’re not ready?  Regroup, it’s time.

As an adult, we can demonstrate regrouping to our kids:

  • If you miss a great parking space?  Regroup, find another one.
  • If you someone cuts you off while driving?  Regroup, you’re safe, you didn’t get in an accident, no need to freak out.
  • If your pet has an accident on your favorite rug?  Regroup, it’s just a rug.

And, just a note – the pet that had an accident on the favorite rug.  That was my house.  Last night.  I took a deep breath and I regrouped.

I am hoping to lead by example and show my kids the lost art of regrouping.

Photograph of “The Orange” taken with iPhone and edited with Camera +.