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sorry charlie, i cheated


I tried.  I really tried to read the book “Charlie Wilson’s War.”  I started it, put it down and read “Life of Pi” (great book, by the way).  I started it again, put it down and read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” (another great book, by the way).

So, I am reading “Charlie Wilson’s War” last night and I was complaining about it (I never complain about a good book…. quite the contrary).  There are so many details about weaponry, so many dates, too much information that I just didn’t care about.

Then, my daughter says to me “my teacher says you can’t give up on a book until you’ve read at least 3 chapters.”  That was my ticket out!  I was on Chapter 11.

So, I gave up. I stopped reading it and rented the movie.

(great movie, by the way)