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oops, i forgot…


I forgot to pay the registration fee for my minivan.  We had the car inspected and never sent in the $33 for the tags.  Totally slipped my mind (for the past 4 months). 

While I was picking my husband up at the airport, with three little girls in the car, driving 20 MPH through the airport a nice police officer turned on his blue lights.   The nice police officer reminded me that I forgot to pay my registration fee.  He reminded me with a ticket and a court date.  Yup, this was a great reminder.  Apparently, a warning would not do.

Today, was the court date.  I had to take the morning off of work, find the courthouse downtown (so happy that I don’t know where this is located), find a parking ramp, pay for parking, walk to the courthouse, go through a metal detector and wait in line with my paid registration receipt.

In addition to people with traffic violations… I stood in a parallel line with people that had been arrested and been in jail.  I heard someone being asked if they had “posted bond.”  Lovely.

Once my name was called… I walked up and was asked “Did you pay your registration fee?”  I showed my receipt and said “yes” and made an embarrassed laugh.  I did not get a chuckle or even a smile in return.  I was told  “The case is dismissed.  You are free to go.”

What??  Were they planning on detaining me over $33?

I wanted to remind someone, anyone that I just forgot to pay my registration fee (for the past 4 months).

Point made.  Lesson learned.  I will never, ever forget to send in the $33 registration fee again.