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really, I’m better…


My daughter is still in her sling and brace after breaking her collar bone (read more about it here and here).  She is healing well, but having a very difficult time remaining still and not using her arm.  I want her to stay still so she does not re-injure herself.  Not too much to ask, right?

Before her injury she had soccer and basketball almost every day of the week.  She has an incredible amount of energy and needs it directed somewhere.

Right now, she can move her arm, she’s in no pain… basically, she thinks she is fine.

Now, I see just how much she needs the energy outlet.  She can’t sit still.  She thinks her collar bone is fine and wants to jump off the diving board, run in the rain (normally, quite fun – but I’m envisioning her slipping and falling), play soccer, swim, and carry small children.

I’m mentioning the “carry small children” part because that is just what happened the other day at a Railhawks soccer game.

Her team was asked to play on the field during halftime.  She couldn’t play because of her injury, but she walked with her team to the field and stood on the side to watch.

I look across the field to where she is standing and she is holding a small child.  I am trying to picture in my head how she picked up this little person with one arm.

She is literally on the other side of a full soccer field, so I can’t yell at her to put down the kid – she wouldn’t hear me.

When she got back to our seats I asked her if she was holding a little kid with her broken collar bone and she says…

“I wasn’t holding him, he was sitting on my sling.”




swimming in a sling…


Our neighborhood swimming pool has officially opened and my kids love to swim.  We have been to the pool everyday since it opened.

Frequenting the pool on a daily basis has been hard for my oldest daughter.   She recently broke her collar bone and is wearing a sling.

She has worn her bathing suit (and her sling) to the pool each and every day… hoping to get wet.  I let her wade into the water, but have told her not to get the sling wet.  We don’t have another one and she is supposed to wear it at all times.

The good news is that her orthopedic doctor said that she is healing well and she could probably start “kicking around” in the pool in 2 weeks.  Great!

Yesterday, I told her that I would buy her a second sling and she can get the older one wet.  That is all I said… “you can get the sling wet.”

So, I went to buy a second sling and I met them at the pool.

When I got to the pool here are the things I immediately noticed:

  • The sling was wet.
  • She was swimming.
  • With one arm.
  • With her orthopedic doctor’s daughter
  • And, the orthopedic doctor’s wife was watching

I walked over and calmly reminded her that she is not supposed to swim yet, quietly reminded her who she was swimming with and refreshed her memory that all I said was…

“…you can get the sling wet.”

Photograph taken with iPhone and edited with Camera +.