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weekly photo challenge: green



Photo taken with iPhone and edited with Camera + app. Disney World. Orlando, Fl.


(sad) gerbil update…


“Paprika Squinting”

Well, as the title of this blog posts says… this is a sad gerbil update.

Yesterday, we were cleaning the gerbil cages and we saw that Paprika was looking very, very old and she was squinting (yes, it appeared she was squinting). She was hobbling around looking very tired and very old.  My 8 year old was very concerned.

Unfortunately, when we got up this morning Paprika had passed away.  Apparently from old age.  I thought she would have been lost or eaten by cats or dogs (read here and here and here for those stories).  I never envisioned her passing away quietly in her cage.   I thought she’d go out in a blaze of excitement since she was our usual escapee.

We buried her in our backyard… explaining to our neighbor (who was outside getting his paper) why we were digging in the yard and burying something at 7 am in our pajamas.

After the gerbil burial my daughter asked if she could stay home from school today (no).  I’m sure she saw an opportunity — always good to ask!

Here is my dilemma:  There is one little gerbil in a cage all by herself now.  The two gerbils that live in my older daughter’s room don’t like Ginger (the lone gerbil).  We know this because they have all been introduced.  It didn’t go well.

Should I buy Ginger a roommate?  Gerbils are very social animals… they even sleep in a little furry gerbil pile.

I said I would never, ever buy another rodent — but I would hate for one little guy to be all alone in a cage.  It’s not like gerbils can follow us around and hang out…

although, they have tried.

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the da vinci code…


The Da Vinci code was a great book. I could barely put it down. The author did a lot of great background research and I found myself “googling” the paintings, places and groups he referred to throughout the book.

I love reading a book that I think about and talk about when I am not reading it. The Da Vinci Code was one of those books. Glad I read it and can’t wait to discuss it with anyone who will listen!

Although, the book is almost always better than the movie — I plan on renting the movie and watching that next.

Super book!

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we were the mulvaneys…


I have been reading We Were the Mulvaneys for quite some time.  I have stopped reading this book many times and read several books in between.

Normally, if I set a book aside so many times I discard it for good. That did not happen with this book…  I genuinely wanted to know what happened to the Mulvaney family, so there is something to be said for that.  You can really connect with and understand the characters in this book.

I chose this book because it was an Oprah’s Book Club choice.  Usually, I love her picks — but did not love this one, simply liked it.  Although, I am happy I finished it.

Goodreads describes the book:

In her 26th novel, Joyce Carol Oates has written a rich, complex saga about a seemingly ideal family that is suddenly rocked by the date-rape of 16-year-old Marianne Mulvaney. This shattering event touches off an extraordinary journey into 25 years of shameful secrets and despair, culminating in the unforseen miracles that can bring a family closer together. Making We Were the Mulvaneys her first Oprah’s Book Club™ selection of 2001.

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just don’t let it in your front door…


Mommy and daughters by Abigail

I love Facebook, let’s begin with that.  I completely enjoy looking at the pictures people post of their kids, I love witty remarks and I loooove a great quote.

Post election:  I hate Facebook.

I am sad and disappointed, to say the least.  No matter what side you are pulling for… red, blue, or grey (gotta represent the independents!):  BE NICE!

I tried very, very hard not to say mean things about the opposing side.  I honestly think I did a good job.  I even posted about being nice pre-election here.

The mean stuff that floated out there that I deemed worthy to pass on… I copied, pasted and emailed to my mom, dad, and step-mom.   Period.

I found great quotes on Pinterest that I shared… I thought I did a great job weeding out anything I thought would upset anyone.  Nothing I posted on Facebook bashed the other candidate or their supporters.  We are all entitled to our own opinions, I’m fine with that.

Maybe I did not do as good of job as I thought filtering my thoughts and quotes for Facebook.  Although, do know that I honestly tried.

I have been upset for days about Facebook posts.  My parents and husband are sick of me talking about it (so I am turning to my blog). 

My mom made a great point on the phone last night.  She said “You let that stuff right in your front door.”  And, she’s right.  I did.

So, I am closing that Facebook door that has made me so upset.  I will continue to post pictures for my relatives and “soccer-team-family” but that’s it… nobody wants (or needs) to know my every move anyway.

“Just don’t let it in your front door.”

Thanks, Mom.