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start a blog…


I am so glad I started a blog!

It has been fun to put my thoughts on paper (well, keyboard) and has brightened my day when things were not looking great.

I was able to smile and put a cheery spin on events that were not so cheery… such as my daughter breaking her collar bone or my husband witnessing an attempted robbery on the same day.  Those things need a cheery spin… or I would cry.  My daughter needs to be bright and positive about her injury… or she would cry.

My husband is not phased either way… but, I’m sure it helps to have a happy (and cheery) wife!  I’ll have to ask him.

The other great thing about starting a blog is looking at all the other blogs.  There are some fun and creative people out there!

I have had so much fun looking at the Freshly Pressed section.  It is the day’s best blogs from WordPress.  There is a wide variety of topics here and I enjoy looking at all the great pictures and reading the blogs And, I’ll admit… I try to figure out how I could get “freshly pressed!”

Every day I feel like I struck gold!  I am continually finding a new blog that is entertaining and/or full of great information.

I have found new authors that have blogs and bought their books.  I have found incredible photography websites.  I’ve received recommendations on what photography editing software to use, what iPhone apps work best for editing photos, and many, many lists of book recommendations.

I’ve also found a great blog that only features cat videos and pictures – there is something out there for everyone!

I look at my day differently too.  When something remotely interesting happens… I stop and think about how I could write about it.  It definitely makes ordinary events little more interesting.

I’ve also had great ideas in the middle of the night… I think I’m a genius.  Then, I wake up and I can’t remember a thing…. except that I was almost a genius in type.  Almost.

Everyday, it’s exciting to see what is out there in “blog world” and it’s great to be a part of it.

My advice to you is…

Start a blog! 

It will make you more… cheery!

Photograph taken with iPhone and edited with Snapseed as recommended by a blogger.