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the hunger games, anyone?


I read “The Hunger Games” trilogy and loved the books.  In my true form, I talked about the books constantly – to anyone who would listen.  I even convinced a few people to read them.

When you describe the books to people – post apocalypse North America, children fighting in the annual Hunger Games to the death, starving, desperate people – it’s a hard sell.  I don’t know about you, but my friends don’t want to read “that type” of book.  I had to make some pretty compelling speeches to get people to read the books.

My speeches were so compelling that my oldest daughter wanted to read the books.

I love to read.  If I can pass anything onto my kids… reading would be at the top of the list.  So, when my daughter, who doesn’t read nearly as much I as did at her age, asked to read the books.  I jumped on it.  I was thrilled.  I ordered her the books immediately.

Consequently, I actually got a little flack from “some people” for letting her read the books.  They thought the books were too violent with a terrible subject matter.  If these same people took the time to research the books, even a little, they would see that even Scholastic Books – book seller to the schools – lists the targeted age group for this series as 11-13.  (Now, maybe I should be embarrassed that I loved these books so much!)

I couldn’t be more excited that she is reading and enjoying the books.  She just finished the second book, “Catching Fire,” and has now started reading “Mockingjay,” the final book.

Only once, when I woke up in the morning, was she laying on the floor next to my bed – after reading a scary part in the book.