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just don’t let it in your front door…


Mommy and daughters by Abigail

I love Facebook, let’s begin with that.  I completely enjoy looking at the pictures people post of their kids, I love witty remarks and I loooove a great quote.

Post election:  I hate Facebook.

I am sad and disappointed, to say the least.  No matter what side you are pulling for… red, blue, or grey (gotta represent the independents!):  BE NICE!

I tried very, very hard not to say mean things about the opposing side.  I honestly think I did a good job.  I even posted about being nice pre-election here.

The mean stuff that floated out there that I deemed worthy to pass on… I copied, pasted and emailed to my mom, dad, and step-mom.   Period.

I found great quotes on Pinterest that I shared… I thought I did a great job weeding out anything I thought would upset anyone.  Nothing I posted on Facebook bashed the other candidate or their supporters.  We are all entitled to our own opinions, I’m fine with that.

Maybe I did not do as good of job as I thought filtering my thoughts and quotes for Facebook.  Although, do know that I honestly tried.

I have been upset for days about Facebook posts.  My parents and husband are sick of me talking about it (so I am turning to my blog). 

My mom made a great point on the phone last night.  She said “You let that stuff right in your front door.”  And, she’s right.  I did.

So, I am closing that Facebook door that has made me so upset.  I will continue to post pictures for my relatives and “soccer-team-family” but that’s it… nobody wants (or needs) to know my every move anyway.

“Just don’t let it in your front door.”

Thanks, Mom.


save those posts and pins…


Facebook and Pinterest are my entertainment these days.

I love going to Facebook to see what my 212 “friends” are doing and I love (love) going to Pinterest to see what the pinners are pinning.

However, I can’t stand all the political posts.  Let me clarify that.  I can’t stand all the political posts… that are against my own views. 

I love a good political post as much as the next person, but I know my 212 “friends” do not all have the same political views as me.  So, as a nicety.  I don’t re-post (or re-pin) all the mean (albeit funny, but sometimes maddening) things about their candidate or their political party.

So, as a Facebook and Pinterest courtesy I don’t try to upset my 212 “friends” with any political rants.  I save the picture, funny comment or shocking quote and email it to the folks that I know “think just like me.”

I “liked” my candidate of choice on Facebook to get updates on my Newsfeed and I have “liked” funny political pins on Pinterest… but that’s good enough.   I have not put anti-anything posts up for people to read.  I am not trying to offend people.

My 212 “friends” are not doing the same for me.  I have un-friended more people in the last month because of shocking political posts.  The posts were not “I love my candidate” posts (which are great – promote your cause!) – they were mean and shocking anti-whatever posts.

To me, Facebook and Pinterest are a fun place to take a few moments (a few hours) to take a break and have some down time.  I don’t want to be shocked and upset the entire time.

Hopefully, nothing has slipped through the cracks and I haven’t offended anyone.  That is not my goal.

Folks, do what I am doing and save the mean political posts and pins for email… for the people that you know “think just like you.”