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dance moms, anyone?


Let’s start by saying… I love watching the show “Dance Mom’s” on Lifetime.  I used to be embarrassed to admit it… I’m not any more – I love that show! 

Is there anyone else who would care to admit that they love this show?  (maybe not, but it’s got great ratings!!)

I understand that to dance (or play soccer or basketball) at a very high level… you need commitment, you need dedication and you need a great instructor or coach.   But, an out-right mean one?  …mean to both the kids and the parents?  I think not.

Abby Lee Miller, the dance teacher, also screams and yells (not joking) at the mothers… they’re paying customers!  Once, she even told one of the girls that her mother didn’t love her because she didn’t come to the dance competition with her.  Wow.

The “dance moms” watch their little girls from a booth above the dance studio.  They watch their daughters get yelled at, belittled and embarrassed.  They do nothing.  I realize that much of this is for the camera, but do the girls understand that?  …one is only 7 years old!

But really… I honestly can’t believe that anyone would actually pay a dance instructor to be mean to their kids!  I have watched episode after episode and the dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, is mean and belittling to little girls!  The girls are the most talented little dancers I have ever seen.  They are performers and they spend hours in the dance studio each day… someone should be praising them!

My questions is… why do the moms continue to pay for their kids to be treated this way?  Why do they take their daughters to the Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio night after night after night to be screamed and yelled at?

Surely, there is another dance studio near Pittsburgh, PA that can nurture, instruct, and choreograph for their kids in a more positive way!

Meanwhile , I will keep watching the show and discussing it with anyone who will listen (luckily, I know a few of you out there!).

“Dance Mom’s” airs on Lifetime TV Tuesdays at 9pm EST.