duct tape vs gerbils


gerbil3Well, it happened again — a gerbil escape! We haven’t had one of these in a while.

My oldest daughter walked into her room and a gerbil was just sitting on her floor. Luckily, it walked right into her hands (she has two very friendly gerbils). Then, she calmly yelled downstairs “did someone let my gerbils out?” Ummm, no.

So I ran upstairs, looked in the cages and see that BOTH cages have a big gap in the same place where the gerbils chewed through their duct tape (note: the duct tape covers the holes that they previously chewed in their cages). I see that one gerbil never left, one gerbil was in my daughters hands and one gerbil was still missing!!

We could not find the third gerbil so we brought in reinforcements… the cat! She found the gerbil in 1 second (not joking) and the gerbil ran into my hands.

Done and done! Fastest gerbil recovery ever!!

I know I may have mentioned before that duct tape was not be the best solution to fix a gerbil cage. In the battle of duct tape vs gerbils… Gerbils always win!

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  1. Life, love, lenses, literature and lattes….I love that! So glad they are all home safe! Those crazy gerbils! I see a possibility for a new iphone app/game…Are you smarter that a gerbil? 🙂

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