short for richard…


no-bad-wordsIt happened.  My 9 year old came home from school and asked “what does dick mean?”

I was a little taken aback (to say the least) and ask “why?” (In my head it was, WHY? WHY? WHY?)

So, now my 9 year old daughter wants to know what a dick is.  Ugh.

I go into a long explanation about how it could be, in fact, someone’s name.  Or, it could be a naughty name for a penis.  I also ask her why she wants to know, did something happen at school today, blah, blah, blah (I am long-winded with my explanations, we even sometimes consult a dictionary to give the precise meaning of a word.  In this case, a dictionary was not necessary)

She said that Charlie (a little boy in her class) said “My grandpa’s name is Dick.  Do you know what that means?”  My daughter said “No.”  The teacher heard Charlie’s question and he got in trouble.  She said he was crying and saying “Well, it’s my grandpa’s name!”  So, now my kid wants to know what all the fuss is about… Thanks, Charlie!

Then she said “I already asked daddy in the car after school.”

(I guess she is double checking our answers.   I need to remember this.)

So, I asked her what daddy’s answer was.  Without a beat, she said:

“Short for Richard.  Bad name for penis.”

(Note: I learned something today,  not every question needs a lengthy explanation)


My oldest daughter wanted to know where babies came from, so I read “It’s Not the Stork” to her.  Read about that here.


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  1. My step-daughter is eleven and about a year ago she eluded to the fact that she knew what the term gay meant. I have slowly tired to get her to understand that no one should be judged for that and not to take it as a derogatory term. At one point I told her that I had many gay friends and she said “Really?! I avoid them!”
    “What do you mean you avoid them?” Thinking maybe her Mom was kind of down on people or whatever.
    “Well at my school.” (Her school goes up to sixth grade).
    “I am sorry how do you know that these kids are gay?” (Thinking maybe the bullying problem was getting so out of hand that kids were assigning those titles to one another and she was taking it at face value).
    “Because girls walk around holding hands and saying this is my girlfriend… and boys do the same thing with boys.”

    I had no idea it stretched that young and I couldn’t help but laugh because I seriously don’t think they know that the term means. Not that this is comparable to your story, but at the same time you think you are sheltering your kids from some of this stuff… you know until they are mature enough to understand it. Address it slowly.

    • Thank you for your comment! I always try to give an honest answer, if asked. Although, to be honest, I hope some topics don’t come up any time soon (like this one!). I think she really wanted to know why “Charlie” got in trouble… So, now she knows. 🙂

      • That makes a lot of sense (Charlie getting her In trouble).

        I agree… I didn’t want that to be a topic at all, or at least not like that. In a way I think my stepdaughters situation is just her school, I don’t think it’s too great. I would assume you won’t have to go through it.

        I also meant to write more but I had to leave work early, I def meant to be more reassuring about it being a her situation and not an everyone situation.

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