(yet another) gerbil escape…


gerbil 1I don’t make up these gerbil stories.  Sometimes, I wish I did…

Last night, my oldest daughter wakes me up at 4:35 AM (yes, I looked at the clock) with a gerbil in her hands.  She is mad.  And, proceeds to tell me that she found her little sister’s gerbil running around in her room (the gerbil made it out one room and into the next… impressive!)

Half asleep, I actually laughed.  I couldn’t believe it.

Then, I got up and we put the gerbil back into the cage.  I put duct tape over the open hole (where is the darn plug that goes into the hole to keep itty bitty gerbils inside???).

(Side note: Luckily, duct tape DIY is all the rage right now and we had a roll of duct tape sitting out just waiting for just this type of event.)

So, I asked my daughter how in the world she found a gerbil running around in her room in the middle of the night…  She told me that the cat was running around her room and woke her up.  She turned on the lights and saw the gerbil running away from the cat.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Thank you, daughter, for getting the cat away from the gerbil, chasing down the gerbil, catching the gerbil and THEN waking me up.

Much appreciated.

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  1. Funny! We had our own gerbil mishap this evening when I put our new gerbil in the bathtub for exercise, then proceeded about cooking and cleaning and subsequently forgot about him! When I happened to go in the bathroom to get something, OMG, saw our our cat prowling about in the tub! Thankfully, found gerbie in the little container I put in the tub with him.

    • That is a great story! So glad your gerbil was fine. And, I love hearing about people that have BOTH a gerbil and a cat. It makes me feel better about my own house! Lol

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