another gerbil escape…


gerbilWe have gone quite some time without a gerbil escaping.

That streak stopped tonight.

We are ringing in the new year with a gerbil escape and recovery mission!

My daughter was supposed to be cleaning her room and I hear “Mom, can you come here?”  This is never a good sign.  Normally, someone just screams “Mooooom” and expects me to come running no matter what.  She was far too polite – something was wrong.

This is my older daughter that banishes her gerbils to her closet at night because of the gerbil noise.  Apparently, last night the gerbils planned an escape.  They chewed through 2 layers of duct tape (there is a plug missing, so she covers the hole with duct tape) and left the cage.  (We obviously need to change the duct tape strategy). 

Luckily, the closet door was shut to reduce the noise from the “gerbil ruckus,” so they did not get far.  By the time I got to her room, one gerbil had been recovered and we were waiting for the other one to make an appearance.  The gerbil poked it’s head out and we saw it.  Now, it was just a matter of waiting it out.

It was actually a hilarious scene.  The gerbil would poke it’s head out of one side of the closet, we’d try to catch it and it would poke it’s head out from the other side of the closet.  Meanwhile, the cat was waiting with me for her opportunity to “help.” 

Finally, the gerbil was “rescued” and all is right with gerbil life again.

(Do you think the gerbil thought of this as a rescue?) 

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