i should clean…


Fold Laundry or Read?

It’s no secret that I am a reader.  I love to read.  I go through slumps when I don’t read much and I also go through periods that I can’t read enough.  Right now, I can’t read enough.

I really should clean.  I have dishes in the sink that I could (should) be washing.  I have laundry that I could (should) be folding.  But, I am reading.  I’m so excited to have a few days off of work.  It’s Christmas Vacation!  Normally, I would find a painting or DIY project (read more about that here), but I am just not in the mood.  I. Want. To. Read.

I took a break from reading today to take my kids shopping.  They have Christmas money that they like to spend on after Christmas sales (gotta love a sale!) and I took another break to help my daughter make a cake (although, she did all the hard stuff… I was just the oven and kitchen-guide).   Besides that, I’ve been reading.

Oh, and right now, I am taking a break from reading… just to update my blog (I have my priorities!).  But, I really should clean.

I have organizing I could (should) be doing.  I have beds that I could (should) be making.  Although, we are well into the evening… beds don’t need to be made now.  We’re just going to unmake them soon anyway!

Well, I’m off now to clean (or to read).

(I should really clean…)


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  1. I hate those piles of laundry that mount up when there’s good reading to be done. I try not to wash clothes unless I know its going to be a really sunny day and then I fold them directly off the line, because washing shouldn’t come indoors where it no longer inspires any of the thoughts it is capable of eliciting outdoors. My problem is a well-intended other half who thinks throwing clothes in the machine and turning it on constitutes washing done – and on a grey miserable day no less! With no dryer the clothes then get trailed around the house, disturbing my reading eye 🙂 So great to read of another who favours temporary neglect of the domestic over the chance to indulge in that necessary reading activity.

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