(sad) gerbil update…


“Paprika Squinting”

Well, as the title of this blog posts says… this is a sad gerbil update.

Yesterday, we were cleaning the gerbil cages and we saw that Paprika was looking very, very old and she was squinting (yes, it appeared she was squinting). She was hobbling around looking very tired and very old.  My 8 year old was very concerned.

Unfortunately, when we got up this morning Paprika had passed away.  Apparently from old age.  I thought she would have been lost or eaten by cats or dogs (read here and here and here for those stories).  I never envisioned her passing away quietly in her cage.   I thought she’d go out in a blaze of excitement since she was our usual escapee.

We buried her in our backyard… explaining to our neighbor (who was outside getting his paper) why we were digging in the yard and burying something at 7 am in our pajamas.

After the gerbil burial my daughter asked if she could stay home from school today (no).  I’m sure she saw an opportunity — always good to ask!

Here is my dilemma:  There is one little gerbil in a cage all by herself now.  The two gerbils that live in my older daughter’s room don’t like Ginger (the lone gerbil).  We know this because they have all been introduced.  It didn’t go well.

Should I buy Ginger a roommate?  Gerbils are very social animals… they even sleep in a little furry gerbil pile.

I said I would never, ever buy another rodent — but I would hate for one little guy to be all alone in a cage.  It’s not like gerbils can follow us around and hang out…

although, they have tried.

If you didn’t take the opportunity to click on the links above… please read about our gerbils (guaranteed to entertain):

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