save those posts and pins…


Facebook and Pinterest are my entertainment these days.

I love going to Facebook to see what my 212 “friends” are doing and I love (love) going to Pinterest to see what the pinners are pinning.

However, I can’t stand all the political posts.  Let me clarify that.  I can’t stand all the political posts… that are against my own views. 

I love a good political post as much as the next person, but I know my 212 “friends” do not all have the same political views as me.  So, as a nicety.  I don’t re-post (or re-pin) all the mean (albeit funny, but sometimes maddening) things about their candidate or their political party.

So, as a Facebook and Pinterest courtesy I don’t try to upset my 212 “friends” with any political rants.  I save the picture, funny comment or shocking quote and email it to the folks that I know “think just like me.”

I “liked” my candidate of choice on Facebook to get updates on my Newsfeed and I have “liked” funny political pins on Pinterest… but that’s good enough.   I have not put anti-anything posts up for people to read.  I am not trying to offend people.

My 212 “friends” are not doing the same for me.  I have un-friended more people in the last month because of shocking political posts.  The posts were not “I love my candidate” posts (which are great – promote your cause!) – they were mean and shocking anti-whatever posts.

To me, Facebook and Pinterest are a fun place to take a few moments (a few hours) to take a break and have some down time.  I don’t want to be shocked and upset the entire time.

Hopefully, nothing has slipped through the cracks and I haven’t offended anyone.  That is not my goal.

Folks, do what I am doing and save the mean political posts and pins for email… for the people that you know “think just like you.”


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  1. I agree and I will add some advice to that: don’t assume you know someone’s political views without asking them. I can’t tell you how many times friends or aquiantences will be downright rude and mean about certain political issues and then look at me and say ” Right?” . I don’t talk about my views in public or with “friends” because I think there is a time and place for those dicussions, FB and Pinterest not being the place. I guess people expect me to be something I’m not. It’s hilarious how shocked people are when I do tell them what I believe! Ha!

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