not comin’ home to you…


I bought Not Comin’ Home To You from a “Kindle Daily Deal” email for 99 cents.  It looked interesting enough to spend a buck on it.

This book was a quick read.  I did not put it down and go on to another book (which I have done twice lately) and I read it in two days.  So, there is something to say for that.

The book switched perspectives at the end and it was hard to continue.  More than 80% of the book was written from the views of the main characters and then it changed at the end… I could have done without that.  The author intended the book to become a movie (but someone beat him to the punch, he said).  I’m assuming the switch in perspectives was because it was supposed to be a screenplay.

This book was interesting.  It was loosely based on the real-life killers of Charles Starkweather and Caril Anne Fugate of the 1950’s.

If you want a quick read and the book is still available at a discounted price – go for it.

Goodreads description:

He is Jimmie John Hall, “free and white and 22”. Her name is Betty Dienhardt, plain, friendless, and oppressed by a bleak home life. In each other, they find a chance for love and fulfillment. But they are doomed. For Jimmie John has already embarked on a killing spree on the backroads of the Southwest that will leave 14 innocent people dead.


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