milk, anyone?


(Note: I am venting a bit… over something very trivial and petty.  That said, I must vent)

When a person brings their lunch to work and puts it in the community fridge… does the lunch then become “community lunch?”

(I don’t think so either)

When a person brings a beverage to work and puts it in the community fridge… does the beverage then become something everyone can drink?

(I don’t think so either)

I love milk.  I covet milk.  I drink it every day and my day is not complete unless I have it.  To drink.  For my coffee, etc…

I bring it to work with me.  It is my beverage of choice and I put it in my coffee.

My office provides the coffee and the Coffee Mate Creamers.  I don’t like the Coffee Mate Creamers.  Unless I am desperate… I don’t use them.

I bring milk.

The other day my milk expired and I didn’t have any for my coffee.  I asked a co-worker if he would buy me some milk when he was visiting clients.

Then, someone else said “Yeah, when I was drinking it the other day I thought it smelled funny.”

Me: “You’re drinking my milk?”

(I thought he was kidding)

Him: “Yes.”

There was no explanation.  He didn’t say… “Oh, I thought it was for everyone” or “Sorry” or “I didn’t know it was yours.”

It was just “Yes.”

I know I am being petty.  I get it.  But, I just can’t imagine going into the fridge at work and seeing something I liked… and pouring myself a glass (or eating it, for that matter).

The other thing is… I would share with anyone, if they asked.   Just don’t help yourself.

Really, I think I am more bothered that he was not the least bit flustered or apologetic about it.  He was like… yeah, so what?

I am going to get over my pettiness (soon).

He’s new.  Maybe he thought the office buys milk for everyone to drink.

Ya think?


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  1. Lol! Completely understandable, actually. During my many years of hostel life, this was something we frequently encountered. Except, in this instance people didn’t say, “yeah.” They just didn’t say anything. And in the meantime your food kept disappearing and you kept eyeing everybody suspiciously. Sigh… :-/

  2. people are crazy. You could write a whole book about the office fridge. My quick story – I had a coffee mug that I brought in from home. A very “me” coffee mug – celadon green with vines and flowers all over it. It was very unique. I had gone to rinse the mug in the sink and a co-worker came by to ask a question. I went to their cube for…ummm….a nano second, came back – no mug. Who does that? Takes a dirty mug? people are crazy.

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