ouch, that hurt…


I decided to pamper myself a bit today and I got a pedicure during my lunch hour.  I only had an hour, so I  was a bit rushed.

It did not quite turn out to be the relaxing hour I was envisioning.

When I first sat in the massaging pedicure chair and they turned on the water – it was a bit cold.  So, I asked the lady to make it a bit hotter.

She turned on the hot water and walked away.  The basin was filling up and now it was too hot.  So, I asked the person giving a pedicure next to me if she could turn off the hot water.  She was annoyed, but turned off the water.  I was not quite sure what she was annoyed about… for having to lean over about 6 inches to turn a knob?  Not sure.

Then, I turned on the massaging chair.  It made horrible creaking noises.  I turned it off.

When my lady finally got back she said “how is the water?”  Fine (well, fine now).

She was doing a great job on my pedicure and things were finally going well.  Then, she tried to get me to purchase the “up-sell” items.  She wanted me to buy foot cream for dry heels.  While I am sure I do need the cream, I declined.  She kept talking about the foot cream for the next few minutes and I kept telling her “maybe next time” and “no thank you.”  All I kept hearing back was “it’s only $25 and you only need to use it twice a day for 10 days.”

“No thank you.  Maybe next time.” Over and over (and over). 

I was trying to enjoy my hour lunch and I was reading a good book (she didn’t seem to notice the book).

Then, we got to the foot massage part (my favorite part of the pedicure).  She rubbed my feet and then, out of nowhere, she started hitting my legs and feet.  I am not joking and I am not exaggerating for the sake of a good story.  She had fists and was pounding on the lower half of my body.

I kept thinking she was getting my circulation going, getting my blood flowing, all part of the massage.  The only problem with this was…

It.  Hurt.

Then, she popped me on the top of my foot.  (Note: I’ve decided, by referring to the foot picture above, that she punched my metatarsal on my left foot)

She punched my foot.  With a fist.  As if she was pounding on a table.

I’ve had many pedicures in my time and I’ve never been assaulted during one.

I am sure this is not part of a normal pedicure and she was doing it because I didn’t buy the foot cream.

Just joking (sort of), but I really did hurt!


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  1. ha ha! I have experienced this! There is this weird karate chop that they sometimes do and I try not to wince, and sometimes I have to stop them. My husband says I have a rare condition called Sensitive Shin (ie Sensi-shin) but I do think they sometimes get distracted and get a little over zealous.

    • I just re-read this post. Next time this happens to me… I will stop them. It really, truly hurt!! I’ve not gone back to that place and the new place (and people) are much less rough! I may have “Sensi-shin” too!! 🙂

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