I’ve had my eye on a new cell phone.  It’s called Samsung Galaxy Note.  It’s big.  Really big.

I have only looked at, in person, at the Best Buy store.

Inside Best Buy, with it’s enormous ceilings and utter vastness, the phone looked of average size.  Big, but not too big.

I had an older iPhone, but wanted something with a bigger screen.

So, yesterday I had a lunch date with my husband (and my 5 year old) and I mentioned to him that I liked the new Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone and he said it’s a great phone and he would go get it for me.  Right away.  Immediately.

(Note: My husband is obsessed with electronics.  You only have to mention the word “cell phone” or “laptop” and he’s on board – no need to try to convince him of anything.  Mention the words “new shoes” or “new rug” and he always says we don’t need it). 

He went right over to the AT&T store and upgraded my phone.

I didn’t see the phone until I got home from work.

My house is not the size of a Best Buy store.  So, when I saw the size of the phone in my house… with it’s normal sized ceilings and without the vastness of a Best Buy – I burst out laughing.

It.  Is.  Huge.

I gave my old iPhone to my oldest daughter already, so there is no turning back now.

I am going to try to love my new cell phone and embrace the enormousness (it’s a word, I double checked).

Photograph is of the Samsung Galaxy Note next to the iPhone.


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      • The battery died VERY quickly, it wouldn’t sync my Yahoo calendar (made me get a google account, export my calendar and import it into gmail/google), and I could not text with one hand (did not know how much I want to use only ONE hand to use my phone). I guess I just missed the EASE of the iPhone. It’s just so darn easy to use. 🙂 My husband said I didn’t give it a chance, but I should have been super excited to have it – and I wasn’t. I guess that was the bottom line.

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