swim team, anyone?


I am a total fan of swim team… not all my friends are.

I love when my kids are interested in something. Anything. And, when we sign up… there is no complaining, no skipping practices, and no quitting.

If you sign up to be a part of a team – your team needs you. They may not be able to to play the game or win the meet without you.

That said. Swim team is a huge commitment. I understand why some people shy away from it.

The kids have practice every single night. This is not a big deal to me. We are at the pool anyway (every single night) for enjoyment. When one of the kids has to pop over to swim practice, it’s not a big deal. They practice and then have a little more fun before we go home.

Also, there is a meet… every single Tuesday night. Starting tonight until mid-July… every Tuesday night is booked. All night (not joking). We bring dinner.

Swimmers arrive at 5 pm and we don’t get home until after 10 pm (sometimes even later).

Volunteers are a huge part of any swim team. It wouldn’t work without volunteers. There are:

  • Timers
  • Stroke Judges
  • Kid Pushers
  • Turn Judges
  • Hospitality
  • Clerk of Course
  • Ribbon Distributor
  • Scorers
  • Timers
  • Time Recorders
  • Ribbon Sorter (that’s me!!)

Yes, I sort the ribbons (thousands of ribbons) for our swim team. It takes me hours, but I’ve got it down to a fine art (can there be a fine art of ribbon sorting?). It takes me a very, very long time, but I’d rather sort ribbons in air conditioning than stand up all night timing the races. I am able to enjoy every meet from the sidelines with my 5 year old (and 11 year old this year – since she has a broken collar bone).

Some of my friends can’t imagine going to the pool every day and attending every swim meet. To us, it’s fun.

Not only is swim team great exercise for the kids – it’s social time for parents and kids both.

The kids have a total blast. There are lots of Sharpie Marker drawings on swimmer bodies… “eat my bubbles” for example. There are lots of snacks. And, my husband usually picks up a pizza – good times (aren’t we exciting?).

My kids ask to join swim team each year. I am more than happy to oblige. If we sign up – they will attend everything, get lots of exercise and they will hopefully have tons of fun in the process.

Photograph was taken of my two swimmers in all their “swim gear” before the broken collar bone incident. Hopefully, she will be able to swim by the end of the season (read about her swimming in a sling here). In the meantime, we have one great little swimmer to root for – starting tonight!


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  1. Melanie, Uncle.J and I did swim team for 10 years and we loved every minute of it. It lead to high school and college teams. I am so happy for your girls. You are great mom. A.Y.

    • They really enjoy it – it’s also because we ALL go… it’s family fun for them!!

      I just sorted ribbons for my first of three home meets.- It only took 3 hours . Whew! Two more meets to go (but not tonight!!).

  2. Melanie, I’m jealous! Our neighborhood doesn’t have a swim team and it’s so difficult to do anything too involved with a 2 year old running around. My daughter is a great swimmer and we are on the waiting list at the Y for her to try out! Good for your girls. You are such a great, fun mom. Obviously, a very dedicated one too!

    • I have it really easy with my little one – we have a fenced in baby pool right next to the lap pool – she she was always “contained” in a fence during swim meets!! Worked out well for me (and my sanity).

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