better to fold and put away…


The book I am reading now just made me laugh out loud (lol-literally)!

This is the title of the chapter that made me crack up:

Laundry: Better to fold and put away than to take only what you need from the dryer.

I don’t normally stop in the middle of reading a book to make a post – but this book is turning out to be quite good. And, quite funny!

Completely unexpected.

I need a little sign to hang above the washer and dryer. Or, more specifically – the dining room table, where the clean laundry ends up until I fold it and put it away.

Instead of helping me with the laundry duties… my entire household picks what they need out of the dryer (or the dining room table) and goes about their day. Nobody stops to think about helping fold and put away the laundry.

While I know I have a slightly messy house (read about it here) I am willing to wager that I am not the only mom and wife that encounters this laundry issue.

If you keep a to read list please add “The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to Be a Better Husband.”

I think every husband should start a Journal of Best Practices.

And, let’s start the journal with…

Laundry: Better to fold and put away than to take only what you need from the dryer.



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  1. My laundry goes immediately from the laundry to the closet, cabinets, drawers, all nicely hung and folded. Fewer wrinkles that way, and things are much easier to find. Learned that from my wise old grandmother.

  2. My kids and husband do the same thing, except mine ends up on my bed because our laundry room is upstairs. It is just an awful feeling to be exhausted and to see the laundry that I forgot to fold all spread out on my soft bed. I agree with your book idea;)

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