swimming in a sling…


Our neighborhood swimming pool has officially opened and my kids love to swim.  We have been to the pool everyday since it opened.

Frequenting the pool on a daily basis has been hard for my oldest daughter.   She recently broke her collar bone and is wearing a sling.

She has worn her bathing suit (and her sling) to the pool each and every day… hoping to get wet.  I let her wade into the water, but have told her not to get the sling wet.  We don’t have another one and she is supposed to wear it at all times.

The good news is that her orthopedic doctor said that she is healing well and she could probably start “kicking around” in the pool in 2 weeks.  Great!

Yesterday, I told her that I would buy her a second sling and she can get the older one wet.  That is all I said… “you can get the sling wet.”

So, I went to buy a second sling and I met them at the pool.

When I got to the pool here are the things I immediately noticed:

  • The sling was wet.
  • She was swimming.
  • With one arm.
  • With her orthopedic doctor’s daughter
  • And, the orthopedic doctor’s wife was watching

I walked over and calmly reminded her that she is not supposed to swim yet, quietly reminded her who she was swimming with and refreshed her memory that all I said was…

“…you can get the sling wet.”

Photograph taken with iPhone and edited with Camera +.


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  1. And thank you oh so very much for all the wonderful compliments you posted today on my miracles blog. So appreciated. Also thanks for following. I’m so glad to have you as a follower. My plan is to turn many of my blog posts (plus others not on there) into a book. And that photo of the blurry bird that you liked will be the cover. You have a good eye.

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