garage sailing…


I really want to be a garage “sailor.”  I want to wake up on Saturday mornings and drive around nice neighborhoods and go to their garage sales (via mini-van instead of sailboat) and try to find a treasure, a bargain, something fun, something great… for a quarter.

My oldest daughter and I have talked about this for months… that we need to go to garage sales.  I have several friends that have found amazing things at garage sales.  When I ask the price (because I’m nosey like that) they will say things like “25 cents” or “1 dollar.”  It is always something great that I wish I had found for that price!

So, on Saturday morning.  I went “garage sailing.”

I brought my oldest daughter with me (since this was her idea too).  My youngest daughter just happened to wake up as we were walking out of the door.  So, she came too.

We drove around looking for garage sale signs.  We were not on a schedule and not rushed, so we just drove around.  We found several signs for garage sales and followed them.

We found one awful garage sale after another.  Either the items were not even worthy of a sale (not joking) or the items were extremely over priced.  I found a picture of a letter “B” for $10.  At a garage sale.  Really?  I could go to Pottery Barn and buy one new for that price (well, maybe not… but $10 was too high).

At another garage sale we found Beanie Babies for $3.  I think 10 years ago, when they were popular, you could buy a brand new one for $5.  Maybe they were “special” beanie babies, I’m not sure.  Regardless, they were overpriced for a garage sale.

We were disappointed.

The next sign we found boasted a 9 garage sale neighborhood.  Things were looking good.  Again, we were disappointed.  Finding nothing nice… house after house.

Then, we spotted it.  A hot pink double baby doll stroller.  My 5 year old was in the car and had her money ready to spend.

We hopped out of the car.  The little stroller was in perfect condition and it was only 5 dollars.  Yes, it wasn’t 25 cents or even 1 dollar… but it was nice and I knew it would get used.

My daughter handed the money to the mom and the mom turned around and handed the 5 dollar bill to her daughter.  The girl was so excited about the 5 dollars and my daughter was so excited about the double baby stroller.  It made me smile.  It was a win win situation.

When I was trying to find a “Google Image” of the double stroller for this post (on left)… I found one.  The stroller is an American Girl Doll twin stroller that is selling on eBay for $56.00 as a starting bid.  Wow.

Our first Saturday garage sale experience was a success!

It’s hit or miss and I see that now.  I will do it again.

My daughter loves the stroller and it has been used every day since!

Photograph was taken with iPhone and edited using Camera +. 


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  1. That is so awesome! I love to go garage sailing, but it has become hard to get out with all the weekend sports I now attend. However, I usually make it to a few each summer. Some can be awful, but then you find that one little treasure and it makes it all worth the trouble. I am one of those obnoxious people that will always tell you – “yeah, I paid $1 for that at a garage sale”. My kids used to love to go and still ask about going sometime. I am glad you found that super cool stroller!

    • I love telling everyone the cost of my great purchases too!! You can re-live the bargain purchase over and over. 🙂 We may try and go again this weekend… it was kinda fun. The thrill of the hunt, so to speak.

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