to clean, or not to clean…


With 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats (and 4 gerbils… can’t forget them) my house is normally cluttered with toys and generally bit messy.  This is the norm at our house.  A bit messy.

For 10 years I stayed home with my kids.  Even when I was home every day my house was never clean and tidy.  There was always lots of toys out and laundry waiting to be folded.

I ran errands during the day and brought the kids to and from school and playdates (and went to lunch and shopping with my friends).  However, I would go into “cleaning mode” before my husband got home.  I always tried to pick up the toys, did the dishes and make the house look tidy before he got home.  

Really, my husband could care less if the house was messy or not.  He does not mind clutter and never complained about any messes.  In 20 years I never heard one (not one) complaint about my house cleaning skills (or lack thereof).  

Now, I am a working mother.  I go to work Monday through Friday and my husband has an alternate schedule, so he brings the kids to and from school and goes to work in the evenings.  The difference is… he doesn’t go into “cleaning mode” before I get home.  Ever. 

Somehow, I need to adopt a more relaxed attitude and embrace the clutter and the mess.  I need to channel his acceptance and calmness about toys and clutter (and not complain).

To clean, or not to clean…

OR, to complain, or not to complain… that is the question. 


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  1. Hi Mel, another funny story. My theory as a working Mom is everyone who is in the family is responsible for keeping up the house including the kids. I would suggest a family meeting to negotiate jobs and responsibilities and repercussions! Otherwise it will all fun on you and you will become resentful! Time to speak up for you!!!!

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