fifty shades of funny…


I just started reading “Fifty Shades Freed,” the final book of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.

I stared reading the first book because I really wanted to know what all the hype was about.  This book has been on the news, all over the internet, on Good Morning America, 20/20, and the Today Show.  I wanted to read the books, so that I could discuss it with “everyone.”

What surprised me is that I have totally enjoyed reading the books.  Beyond the sex is a love story with two interesting characters.  It has kept me reading and I want to know what happens at the end.  I will continue to read and hope that the characters end up together.

In my true form, I have been discussing the book, a lot… with anyone who will listen.  I am pleading my case that the books have more to it than just sex (although, there is a lot of sex, don’t get me wrong).

So, last night I am on the phone with my mom and we are discussing the first book in the trilogy,  My husband is sitting by me watching TV (I did not think he was listening to my conversation).  I am telling my mom, in my opinion, the sex parts of the book were written for a woman to read.   The author does not use gross language when she describes any “encounters” and I thought that a man would want to read about the sex in a different way, with different words and different descriptions.

My husband looks up and says “We need pictures.”

I almost fell over laughing.


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  1. I feel so awkward about this book because my dad was reading all that hype (and I wasn’t) and he seemed excited so I got it for him, totally not knowing it was a “sex book.” Your response about two interesting characters makes me feel better, haha.

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