oops, i forgot…


I forgot to pay the registration fee for my minivan.  We had the car inspected and never sent in the $33 for the tags.  Totally slipped my mind (for the past 4 months). 

While I was picking my husband up at the airport, with three little girls in the car, driving 20 MPH through the airport a nice police officer turned on his blue lights.   The nice police officer reminded me that I forgot to pay my registration fee.  He reminded me with a ticket and a court date.  Yup, this was a great reminder.  Apparently, a warning would not do.

Today, was the court date.  I had to take the morning off of work, find the courthouse downtown (so happy that I don’t know where this is located), find a parking ramp, pay for parking, walk to the courthouse, go through a metal detector and wait in line with my paid registration receipt.

In addition to people with traffic violations… I stood in a parallel line with people that had been arrested and been in jail.  I heard someone being asked if they had “posted bond.”  Lovely.

Once my name was called… I walked up and was asked “Did you pay your registration fee?”  I showed my receipt and said “yes” and made an embarrassed laugh.  I did not get a chuckle or even a smile in return.  I was told  “The case is dismissed.  You are free to go.”

What??  Were they planning on detaining me over $33?

I wanted to remind someone, anyone that I just forgot to pay my registration fee (for the past 4 months).

Point made.  Lesson learned.  I will never, ever forget to send in the $33 registration fee again.



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  1. Some years ago I bought a 1962 Buick Special from a friend. It had been repaired so many times that I thought nothing else could go wrong with it. Of course, I then had to put a fair amount of money into it myself. The Buick, with a revolutionary aluminum V6 engine, was a lemon. I sold it to another friend for a nominal $50 just to get it out of my hands. Some weeks later while driving through Golden Valley, Mn., I was stopped by a police car. The new owner never had the car transferred into his name and I was on record for partially blocking a sidewalk with the rear end of the car. It was an outstanding ticket. Pleading my case that I did not own that car anymore, I was spread-eagled against the police car, handcuffed and shuttled via a large paddy wagon to the Hennepin County Jail in Minneapolis. My current car was towed away. I was finger printed, my mug shot was taken, and I had to post a $25 bail. Of course, I did not have $25 on me at the time so I sat in a holding cell waiting for a friend to bail me out. He was the original owner of the Buick. When he paid the money, he had to show his I.D. With outstanding parking tickets on record, he then was locked up and I ultimately had to post bail for him. I eventually had to go to court and explain to the judge that I had sold the car long ago. To simplify things, I just paid the $25 fine. Looking back, I feel the police were a bit heavy handed.

    • I really need to be grateful I just have my silly story that doesn’t include jail cells and bail. It was more of an inconvenience. YOUR story is incredible and I would agree with you – the police may have been a bit heavy handed.

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