(another) gerbil update…


Recently, I walked into my oldest daughter’s room and saw that the gerbil cage was missing. Gone. The spot that it usually sits in… was empty. The only things that remained were the weights that normally surround the cage. (Note: If you have not read my earlier gerbil post, the weights keep the cage stationary so that the cats can’t knock it over)

The gerbils were just there the night before! Where did they go?

So, my daughter says, “They were making too much noise last night. They are in my closet.” (with the door closed)

What??? How much noise can two little gerbils make?

Well, we moved the cage back into their spot, surrounded by the weights. Normally, she takes a little 1 pound weight and blocks the wheel at night to cut down on the noise from the gerbils running on the wheel. She said the weights were not enough and the gerbils still made too much noise. Hence, the move to the closet.

I made a huge fuss at her stating that the poor little gerbils didn’t want to sleep in the closet and that she needed to leave them right where they were at night... in their spot, surrounded by the weights. I am still in doubt that these two tiny little gerbils can cause so much of a racket that they could keep her awake at night. Really, I didn’t believe her.

The gerbils have remained in their spot, surrounded by the weights. She has not put them in the closet since.

Last night, we assembled a desk for her room. Then, rearranged the room and cleaned it. I was tired. I laid down in her bed and feel asleep

Then, I woke up to an enormous racket. Not a bump in the night or one random noise. It was a genuine racket.

It was the gerbils.

The wheel was blocked by the tiny weight. Their cage is not that large. I have no idea how they could make that much noise. But, they were. My daughter was right. I was wrong.

I have not admitted this to her… but, it took everything in me not to get up and walk that cage back into the closet (and close the door).


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  1. Great story Melanie, I bet your daughter would love you to tell her your gerbil story. We had them once and I also thought they were crazy every night. Keep smiling Auntie Y.

  2. I think you need to ‘fess up to your daughter. Go on. Do it now. I’ll wait to hear how everything goes….





    Done waiting. My campfire is going out so I have to go collect some more wood.

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